AUGUST 2012 

Aamina is a new joint venture holding company comprising two operating subsidiaries that will invest in international public market securities and unique emerging market investments. Aamina New York has a clear focus on investment in publicly quoted securities, whilst Aamina Dubai will concentrate on strategic opportunities in diversified businesses throughout the Middle East and North Africa region.

The company is a partnership between the Libra Group and former Credit Agricole Chevreux North America CEO Khaled Beydoun, who will also manage the business. Aamina brings a strategic approach to investment that is informed by Libra Group’s global business interests which are primarily focussed on shipping, aviation, real estate, renewable energy and hospitality. Aamina expects to look closely at these sectors but will also be a vehicle for developing Libra’s diversified business interests.

“With his extensive experience of doing business internationally along with his impressive track record with equity investments, Khaled Beydoun is ideally placed to lead this venture,” comments George Logothetis, Libra Group Executive Chairman and CEO. “We have been seeing growing activity in the Middle East and North Africa so Aamina is a solid business to meet Libra Group’s expansion plans in that area.”

“I am looking forward to working as part of the Libra Group with its own highly successful network, global reputation and solid foundation. The MENA region has seen unparalleled growth in recent years and become a very important hub for international businesses. This opportunity comes at an exciting time for us all,” added Khaled Beydoun, CEO and Co-founder of Aamina.